Monday, January 05, 2009

Welcome 2009!!

Welcome 2009,good bye 2008!!

being in year 2009,i have make a desicion to myself..
there are:

1)want to make a new life
-since it has been in year 2009,it`s time to me to make a new life,
a new life with family,friends and someone that i love...
hehehe...lonely no more..lalalala
to all my friends i love u guys!!
want to make a great pointer for this new semester!
and to mr N,good luck for ur stpm examination in the end of this year..

2)change my attitude with everyone
- in year 2008 had taught me many lessons from my own mistake..

3)want to lose my weight
-hehe..actually from last year i say that wanna lose my weight but it just for a while about 2 months only..

4) want to take my car licence
-tertangguh dari last year g,so this year insyALLAH,i will take my licence with my brother


faty a.k.a ema said...

k'long dh ade bf...
krim slm ke...

SUE ALAN said...

boyfriend ambil upper six ye. Baguslah tu harap2 lebih bersemangat.

arein said...

mne de la..
kwn rpt je...
nanti k`long gtau dier..
a`ah,form 6..
harap2 mcm 2 la..

Ghaz said...

Dah ada BF kawen je le

arein said...

stdy n keje dlu..
br fkr kawen..