Thursday, December 18, 2008

cuti2 kedah and penang...

9 dec..

the day after raya,we went to pak su house aka umah tok amar for aqiqah at bagan serai, perak
then my sis,bella join with my grandma to taiping..
really miss with my cousin,amar irfan...
amar irfan,me and my bro,arif who gave that name..
actually it was amar iz irfan,but my aunt disagree abt it...
but its ok as long as both of us give tht name..hehehe

10 dec..

me and my family went to sg sedim..
dh lme xg..
really miss that place coz when i was in form 5
always go to mandi terjun with my friends..
wat a great moment!!!hehehe

12 dec..

went out for dinner with my lovely aunt and cousins...
org nk belanja mkn tggu pe g....
anyway thanx along,i really miss u..
plez take care of ur health...

17 dec..

my dad bring us to kenduri at yan..
then to alor star tower...
my bro and sis also my cousin really enjoy..
but me???mcm bdak2...huhuhu..
but its ok...this weekend wanna go play bowling!!!


SUE ALAN said...

bilalah nak update blog....asyik berangan je....